The Best Phones for Teenagers

best phones for teenagers

We have lots of questions that bothers on the best phones for teenagers. The time has here. Your adolescent wants a phone of their own. A smartphone, not just a phone.

How do you decide when is the right time to give your teenager a smartphone so they can remain in touch, talk, and explore the internet and social media?

Which Mobile Devices are Ideal for Teenagers?

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about phones for teens, including when to buy one, how to pick the best model and service package, and how to talk to your teen about phone regulations.

Deciding to get a Mobile Phone for your Teen

Children can be rather adamant about requiring and wanting their own phone, as well as about the specific model. The best person to judge your child is you.  When considering if you believe the timing is suitable for your child to get a cell phone, take your time.

Importantly, don’t assume that teenagers just use smartphones. There are several possibilities for inexpensive phones for teenagers. Both with and without internet connection, and depends on your preferences.

You will be paying the phone bill after all. So, you are therefore well within your rights to consider easily accessible phones for teens. You don’t need to give your teen an iPhone right away, let alone a brand-new one.

As an alternative, you might wish to choose a less expensive model of mobile phone or an old phone from a friend or relative. Before you consider teen phone options, keep in mind that the device presents a chance to teach your youngster responsibility.

It’s not unusual to decide with your child that after a trial term has ended, a newer phone might be supplied. Ask yourself if your adolescent can use their phone properly, keep it secure, watch the expense of texting, calling, and browsing, among other things.

Do you believe it’s time for your teen to acquire a phone? Take a dive.

How to Get Your Teen Ready for Safe Phone Use?

Prepare teens and have a conversation with them about the internet and teen mobile safety before letting them choose their phones. Although it’s ideal to start this discussion before teens enroll in secondary school. It’s never too late. So, make sure you watch some online teaching materials regarding safe phone use.

Teenagers Using Social Media on their Phones

It’s time to sit down and have a few conversations about using social media if you feel comfortable enough to let your teen start using a smartphone. Social media co-accounts can be made by parents for teenagers under the age of sixteen.

With a free Parental Control app, you can monitor communications and set up parental control filters for social media and internet. Keep an eye on your teenagers’ internet activity and assist them in being secure.

Restricting screen usage and finishing it at least three hours before bedtime are  essential for most teenagers.  You have every right to be selective about the apps your adolescent can use on their phone as a parent. Make sure you go over which applications are permitted and maintain a continuous, honest dialogue about apps, phone use, and online activity.

Teenage Phones: Picking the right model

If you’re looking for phones for teens, one of the first things you should consider is if you actually need a new one. Give your teen your old phone if it’s still functional, and this is a smart method to cut costs.

However, keep in mind that outdated operating systems are frequently found in older smartphones.

Would you rather your teen have a brand-new phone? Often, the least expensive choice is an Android phone. Affordable Android phones are produced by companies like Huawei.

Teens’ Choices For New and Inexpensive Phones

Your teen can purchase a high-quality phone for under £200. Less expensive smartphones frequently have storage capacities of only 16 or 32 GB.

In addition, cameras are frequently of lesser quality. Unless your teen is a budding professional photographer, this shouldn’t be a concern!

Adolescents’ Android Phones

Naturally, you don’t want to overspend on your child’s or daughter’s (first) smartphone.

However, your child will likely feel that having a fashionable new smartphone is  crucial. Thankfully, there are now a lot of high-quality, inexpensive entry-level phones available for teenagers. Take advantage of resale sites and stores, or purchase a used or less expensive new phone.

Teenage Android Phone options that are suitable and Reasonably Priced include:

  • The Samsung Galaxy A7 is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an Android phone for teenagers that is less expensive.

The strong design has a body made of metal. The three cameras together produce high-quality images, and the 3300 mAh battery is reliable. This user-friendly phone features 4GB of usable capacity. A great option for teenagers looking for a phone!

  • The 2019 Huawei P Smart:

If you want an excellent Android phone, there is yet another wise option. This  phone has a lot of memory that can store both photographs and videos. A handy dual 13 and 2 megapixel camera with useful features is located on the back, while a good 8 megapixel selfie camera is located on the front.

  • The Sony Xperia L3 Android smartphone boasts a straightforward design that seems to be very durable. The 5.7-inch Gorilla Glass screen is durable, indestructible, and big enough to watch films and play games. Memory on this phone is 32 GB.

IOS Devices For Teens

Of course, kids and teenagers love their iPhones. However, you might not want to immediately part up a sizable quantity of cash for a pricey phone.

For teenagers looking for a cheap new iPhone with all the newest features, the iPhone SE may be a decent option. This phone will function for a very long time thanks to the A13 Bionic processor.

Naturally, you may always ask. The majority of iPhone users in your circle of acquaintances likely have extra, unused older iPhones lying around their homes that they would be prepared to sell.

Internet-free Smartphones for Teens that are the Finest

Social media and teenagers don’t always get along. You wouldn’t be the only parent to see that your child uses social media much more frequently than you’d want. Teenagers may spend a little too much time on their phones.

Consider getting your teen a phone with no internet if you want to make sure they stay off social media. These choices can be fantastic starter phones for teenagers and support the development of wholesome online and social media habits.

The Nokia 225 4G is an illustration of a suitable phone for teenagers without  internet. It is robust, inexpensive, and does not offer internet.

It’s a good phone, and the 4G option is excellent because 2G and 3G networks  will be discontinued by carriers.

But if you prefer to go down this route, you can pick any of the less expensive cell phones that are designed only for messaging, calling, and playing a few of the included games.

Despite this, you can still purchase a smartphone for your teen and instruct it to utilize parental controls (or a corresponding software). You can use this to restrict specific websites, prevent your teen from using the internet at all, and more.

Once you’ve Chosen a Phone for Your Teenager

Before you give your child their own phone, introduce a few straightforward cell phone use guidelines. Establish limitations on phone use at home, such as after school.

When and how long may your adolescent use their phone at home, in your opinion?

Are there  specific areas of your home where you want to restrict phone use, such as the bedroom or dining room? 

Would you prefer that your kid put their phone away a couple hours before bed?

Cell Phone Policies for Teens Aged 16

Having explicit guidelines can help prevent interruptions from household chores,  social time with friends, and other obligations. You can intentionally reduce screen time in this way.

According to research, your teen’s mental health, ability to sleep, and social life may suffer from too much screen time and time spent on social media. Learn more about the most recent screen time studies.

Teach your youngster how to identify potential risks in chat rooms and the internet. Teach them never to pay for (or purchase) anything without your permission.

Inform your teen about online bullying. Maintain a constant channel of communication with your adolescent regarding online activity, and make sure to emphasize that you are always available to talk.

Have interactions and online behaviour in mind when using social media, and keep only one account.

Plans for Teen Phones

The time has come to choose a phone plan for your teen once you’ve been successful in your search for phones for teens.

Consider a prepaid phone plan for your teen if saving money and being a good teacher are top considerations for you. Your teen’s phone can be topped off anytime, anyplace online.

You may set explicit phone expense parameters for your adolescent using a prepaid phone plan. Additionally, it offers an opportunity to show students how to keep track of their phone expenses.

Prepared with your decision? Get online Three top-ups and more. Also, kindly check out best phones for kids in 2022.



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