The Best affordable Headset

best affordable headset

A Headset is design with either a single earpiece (mono) or double earpiece (stereo). The best affordable headset are discussed extensively for users to be able to make choice of the best affordable headset to use. It combines a Headphone with microphone. This can also be used in closed circuit communication system. This closed circuit communication system is mostly where an Audio engineer or technician communicates with band members in a recording studio using the mixing desk.

A telephone headset usually use up to 150-ohms resistance of loudspeakers with a smaller frequency unlike those used for entertainment. Stereo computer headsets uses 32-ohms resistance loudspeakers with larger frequency range. 

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Similarities between Headset and Telephone Handset

There is similarity between a Headset and telephone Handset but the former has a Hands free operation. A telephone Handset is the Components of telephone that a user holds in his or her ear. One of the part is for listening and the other part for speaking to the remote party via the built in transmitter.

Both can be used in telephone operators, call centers, Military & Law enforcement communications staff, and other telephone intensive jobs. The picture below is one of the common Headset and is hands free unlike the regular telephone handset.


Headset versus handset







Advantage of using Headset over Handset

Headset has a Hands free operation. It’s mostly used at home or public place when one wants to have a telephone conversation that requires hands free during the conversation. The picture below show the Handset of telephone unlike the Headset on the featured image.









What form of Headset do I need?

Generally, headsets are available in two different forms. There are single ear piece (mono) and double earpiece (stereo) design.

Single-ear piece headset free up one ear in order to allow better awareness of the surrounding while double ear-piece headset may support stereo sounds. Both single-earpiece and double ear-piece design use the monaural audio channel for both ears because telephone offers only single-channel input and output.

Types of Headset available for different purpose

Microphone style:

This type of microphone arm of headset may carry an external microphone or the voice tube type. Most of the time, the external microphone has the microphone housed in the front end of the microphone arm. Internal microphone design can as well be called voice tube design, and have the microphone house near the earpiece with a tube carrying sound to the microphone.

Most of the microphone headset has tendency of cancelling noise and uses bidirectional microphone as element, and this design is best in picking up sound only for close proximity of the user. Omnidirectional microphone has the tendency to cover the entire surrounding area, which includes extraneous noise.


Microphone Headset








Headband style:

This is a standard headset with a headband worn-over the head. It can also be called over-the-head headset.

Back-wear headsets or Behind-the-neck headsets are the headset with the band going over the back of the user’s neck. Over-the-ear headsets or ear-loop headsets is the headset worn over the ear with a soft ear-hook. We have convertible headset design in such a way that users can change the wearing method by reassembling the various parts.

Over the head h






Telephone Headset:

This type of headset connects to a fixed line telephone system. Recently, a telephone headset functions by replacing the handset of a telephone. This is necessary for anyone who wishes to engage in telephone conversation with both hands free.

Telephone Headset







Where to Buy

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