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Portable charger

What Features Should You Look for in a Portable Charger and Power Bank?. It’s stressful to see your Mobile phone or tablet slowly drain its battery when you’re not near a power source. 

Fortunately, third party backup batteries are plentiful. They come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and price points to keep your device running when the battery icon starts to turn red. 

It doesn’t stop there. Fast charging, wireless charging, built in cables, AC converters, LED flashlights and even the ability to jump start your car all come standard on certain power banks.

How can you decide which power bank is suitable for you when there are so many options?.

The most crucial Portable Charger and Power Bank

Dimensions and Capacity of Portable Charger

In general, the larger the battery, the greater the capacity and number of ports available. Power banks that fit comfortably in your pocket are usually good for one or two full phone charges. Whereas anything designed to keep you going all day will require a bag or purse.

On the pocket friendly front, most smaller batteries designed for mobility have a capacity of 5,000mAh or less, which is enough to charge most phones once. The battery becomes too large to fit into narrow pants when the battery capacity exceeds 5,000mAh. But it can still be hidden in a jacket pocket.

There are even batteries that can power computers while also providing enough juice to charge a typical phone ten times. They are, without a doubt, the largest and heaviest of the lot, and must be carried in a bag.

Input and Output Ports of Portable Charger

Not only does the type of port (or ports) a battery has influence whether it is compatible with the devices you wish to charge, but it also influences charging speed.

Most battery packs will contain a normal USB-A port for charging the battery (power input) and delivering electricity to your device at the very least (power output). However, because the USB-C standard has been adopted by the majority of phones, tablets, and laptops. You’ll commonly find a USB-C port in addition to a USB-A port.

Some, but not all, rapid charging methods for smartphones and tablets are supported by USB-C connectors. Most USB-C ports are utilized for both power input and output, but you should double-check because some less costly battery packs may just use USB-C for power input.

Lightning is an Apple-exclusive technology, and finding a power bank with a Lightning cable or charging connector used to be difficult. Thankfully, those days are gone, and there are now hundreds of good power banks designed just for iPhone users. 

If you bought an iPhone 12 series phone and were disappointed by the lack of a charger, See best iphone charger to buy.

Quick Charging of Portable charger

Another consideration is the speed with which a portable charger and power bank can charge your phone. The voltage and amperage of a battery’s output are measured. 

The quantity of electricity flowing from the battery to the connected device is known as amperage (or current), whilst the amount of potential energy is known as voltage. 

Wattage, or total power, is calculated by multiplying volts by amps. Most manufacturers raise the overall wattage by varying the voltage or increasing the amperage to help a device charge faster. Boosting or dynamically adjusting the voltage is the most common method for fast  charging.

In order to do any type of quick charging, you’ll need three things

A phone or other gadget having a fast charging circuit, as well as a battery and cable that support the same standard. 

You won’t be able to charge as quickly if one of these three items is missing. USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge are the two main rapid charging standards you’ll come across.

Power Delivery (PD) is a newer standard that allows two compatible devices to negotiate the  quickest charging alternative. It also permits power to flow in both directions.

In contrast, Quick Charge works by raising voltage rather than amperage. This standard allows  you to charge compatible phones to 50% capacity in 30 minutes. This is extremely useful when you’re in a hurry.

Keep in mind that your phone will only accept as much power as its charging circuit can manage. Even if you have it plugged into a 5V/2A battery, if it can only handle 5V/1A, that’s how fast it will charge.

Wireless Charging and Pass-Through

Before choosing a backup battery, there are a few other factors to consider. Pass through charging allows you to charge items connected to the battery while also charging the battery. This is a very handy tool if both your phone and backup battery are dead. 

Wireless charging, which allows you to charge compatible devices without the use of a cable by simply placing them on top of the battery. It has also become highly popular. 

Qi is the most common Apple and  Samsung wireless charging standard. Also, certain battery packs support it as well.

 Pass-Through Charging and Wireless Charging

There are a few more aspects to consider when purchasing a backup battery. Pass through charging allows you to charge objects that are connected to the battery while the battery is being charged. 

If both your phone and backup batteries are dead, this is a really useful tool. Wireless charging, which allows compatible devices to be charged without the necessity of a cable by simply placing them on top of the battery, has also grown in popularity. 

Qi is the most widespread wireless charging standard, which is supported by compatible Apple and Samsung phones, as well as some battery packs. For the first time, Apple included MagSafe charging in the iPhone 12. 

Anker PowerCore Fusion of Portable Charger

Compatible with smartphones and tablets

The Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 is a wonderful alternative if you want to reduce your home’s  tech clutter. This compact converter doubles as a 5,000mAh power bank and a multi device charging adaptor.

You can easily charge three devices at once with two USB-A connections and an additional Micro USB slot.  You may also plug the PowerCore Fusion 5000 into the wall at the end of the day, connect your gadgets, and wake up to a completely charged battery for your morning commute because it enables pass-through charging.

Boost Up Charge Power Bank 5K + Stand Play Series from Belkin

Compatible with: Smartphones and Tablets

The latest Boost Up Power Bank from Belkin was designed with smartphone gamers in mind. This 5,000mAh battery pack includes a built in smartphone stand that allows you to charge your phone in portrait or landscape mode.

With this portable charging stand, Belkin estimates you’ll get approximately 17 extra hours of  gameplay, and it’s powerful enough to fully charge just about every smartphone battery at least once. If you merely need to charge your smartphone, the power bank has USB-A and USB-C charging connectors on the side for several fast charging options.

Works With: Phones, Tablets Belkin Boost Up Charge Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector

Do you need a small but powerful power bank for your iPhone? 

The Belkin Boost Up Power Bank 10K has a 10,000mAh battery that can extend the battery life of your iPhone or iPad by up to 70 hours or nearly 20 hours. The twin 12W and 5W USB-A connections are capable of simultaneously charging two devices. 

Using your standard iPhone charge or dock, you can fast recharge the power bank thanks to an additional Lightning port. The Boost Up Charge Power Bank 10K, like most Belkin products, comes with a two year guarantee that covers not only the device but any devices connected to it that are destroyed by an electrical surge.

 The Moshi IonSlim 5K USB-C Portable Battery

Compatible with the following devices

The PCMag mobile team’s go-to travel battery is Moshi’s IonSlim 5K.  This small battery pack has a 5,00mAh battery with charging connections for USB-A and USB-C. It isn’t the quickest or cheapest battery pack on our list, but it is extremely compact and long-lasting. 

The aircraft grade aluminum body can withstand a lot of punishment, and every Moshi device comes with a two year warranty; if you buy straight from the Moshi website, you’ll get a 10-year warranty.

Native Union’s Jump+ Wireless Powerbank

Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets

The Native Union Jump+ has a 12,000mAh battery and allows wireless charging up to 5W with Qi compatible devices. It also contains a USB-C port that supports PD 3.0 and a Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port.

Nimble Premium 3 Day Fast Charge Upgrade Kit Compatible With: Laptops, Phones, and Tablets

The Nimble Premium Fast Charge Upgrade Kit 3-Day is one of the priciest power banks on the market, but it’s also one of the most adaptable. A USB-C port with PD 3.0, as well as two 5W USB-A ports, are included in the 10,000mAh battery. 

A USB-C–to-Lightning cable for quick iPhone and iPad charging is also included, as well as a USB–C–to–USB–C cable.

Tumi X Mophie Powerstation Plus 10K is Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets

Tumi is most known for its high-end luggage, but it also has a lovely collection of travel accessories. Tumi X mophie Powerstation Plus 10K is a powerful power bank with a smooth  leather finish.

The Powerstation Plus can easily recharge a drained smartphone battery several times with a 10,000mAh battery. On the side of the battery pack, there is a single USB-A charging port as well as a Micro USB port for charging the battery. In the box, you’ll find a USB-A to Micro USB charging cable as well as a Lightning connector for your iPhone.

You can buy your Portable charger and Power Bank at Amazon, Jumia, etc. Also, check  out our guide to charging your iPhone 12 series phone.

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