PopSockets for your Mobile Phone

PopSockets for your Mobile Phone

PopSockets which are pop up telescoping phone grips with colorful designs, are the most popular of phone grip. Phone grips are phone accessories that attach to the back of the phone or case and provide a loop or handle for your fingers to rest on.

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Phone grips are an ever present part of our daily lives in the twenty first century. When we’re all glued to our cellphones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s not much your phone can’t do, so keeping it with you at all times is a no brainer. However, as phones have grown in size, using them with only one hand has become increasingly difficult.

You risk a fatal drop every time you take a selfie or merely reach across to the opposite corner of your phone. As a result, phone grips are more crucial than ever for keeping your valuable gadgets safe in your hands. However, don’t limit yourself to a single phone holder. 

As the market grows, there are now a plethora of excellent popsockets alternative. These phone grips are inexpensive, long lasting, simple to use, and frequently have extra functionality.

Get a phone grip for your phone to make it even more convenient to use. You’ll be surprised how long you went without one.

Different Popsockets for Your Mobile phone

Spigen Ring Phone Grip (Popsockets)

The Spigen Ring Phone Grip is the OVERALL WINNER of Popsockets. It  is comparable to the Lamicall seen above, but for a few bucks more, you can have a little more durable product. This ring style phone holder is simple to install on any smartphone or tablet.

The ring spins and flips, allowing you to conveniently manipulate and hold your phone in various settings. When needed, the ring’s flat bottom transforms it into a sturdy kickstand. A hook mount is also included, allowing you to dock your smartphone on automobile dashboards. 

Finally, the Spigen is available in a number of colors to complement your phone or case.


Spigen Ring Phone Grip Popsockets

Lamicall Finger Ring Phone Grip (Popsockets)

The Lamicall Finger Ring is the BEST BUDGET Popsockets. It can handle anything from media viewing to selfies and safe phone use while out and about. The multi directional kickstand ensures that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can find a comfortable viewing angle. 

The finger ring comes with a strong adhesive on the back to ensure a solid fit, and it’s  made of metal. So, it’ll work with magnetic smartphone holders.

Lamicall Finger Ring Phone Grip Popsockets

Love Handle Universal Grip For Mobile Phone

Why not give your phone a Love Handle Grip as the MOST POPULAR Popsockets, because you adore it?  By providing an extra gripping surface, this elastic handle prevents you from dropping (and potentially shattering) your phone or tablet.

It employs a no residue, removable 3M adhesive. So, you won’t have to worry about leaving behind any unattractive residue if you ever want to remove it from your phone or phone case. 

It’s worth noting that this handle won’t work with silicone cases, as well as the Pixel 3, iPhone X,  iPhone 8, or iPhone 7 Black. A different adhesive must be purchased separately for these phones.

Love Handle Universal Grip For Mobile Phone Popsockets


PopGrip AirPods Holder Phone Grip (Popsockets)

The PopGrip AirPods Holder  Popsockets is for AIRPODS USERS and a handy addition to your smartphone with its range of capabilities. Of course, it comes with the normal secure grip and media viewing stand capabilities.

This PopSocket alternative, on the other hand, contains a built in AirPod holder, so you’ll always know where your AirPods are. The holder’s adjustable design lets you to swap out the cover for a standard PopGrip when you want a slimmer choice, and it comes in a variety of colors so you can pick the one that best matches your style and phone.

PopGrip AirPods Holder Phone Grip

Speck Products GrabTab Mobile Phone Holder Phone Grip

The GrabTab Cell Phone Holder is a DESIGN PICK, slim and versatile smartphone accessory. It comes with a convenient loop for comfortable and safe phone holding, as well as a stand for  easy media viewing on the go. 

The holder’s ultra slim form is scarcely visible when collapsed. So, it won’t interfere with wireless charging. This phone grip comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find one that matches your phone case.

PopSockets for your Mobile Phone

PopSockets PopPower Wireless Charger

Because the PopGrip doesn’t function well with popPower wireless chargers, many people hunt for PopSockets alternatives is also Considered. PopPower is a great option if you want to use PopGrips for wireless charging.

We have written about it before. PopGrips will fit snuggly into the recessed center of the alternatives to PopSocket for wireless charging. This was  created just for them. These chargers are only available online at the PopSockets store and are frequently out of stock due to great demand.

PopSockets for your Mobile Phone

Libosa Cell Phone Ring Holders 

The Libosa Cell Phone Ring Holder, which has the same functionality as a PopSocket but costs a  fraction of the price. It is HONORABLE MENTION, and on our list of the best phone holders. 

This set includes five ring stand holders that may be used to take selfies or as a kickstand for  your phone or tablet. The rings also rotate 360 degrees, giving you a firm grip on your phone no matter where you hold it.

PopSockets for your Mobile Phone 


The Ghostek Loop Magnetic Finger Holder

The Ghostek Loop Magnetic Finger Holder is a stylish and economical way to protect your phone from drops, and a LEAST BULKY Popsockets.  The holder adheres to your phone with a powerful magnet and has a loop for your finger. It also comes with a kickstand that can be used to set up your phone on any flat surface. This finger holder comes in a rainbow of hues.

PopSockets for your Mobile Phone

Takyu Universal Phone Lanyard Holder

This phone lanyard will keep any phone secure (regardless of case), allowing you to see your lock button, camera, and security touchpoints. It is the BEST LANYARD. The nylon lanyard is soft and pleasant to wear around your neck, and it comes with a detachable buckle and adjustable length so you can tailor it to your needs. 

The connector is robust and easy to attach to any phone cover; it is also quite durable and allows you to effortlessly remove the lanyard if desired. The release buckle is robust and will only detach when you want it to, preventing your phone from being dropped or smashed by accident.

PopSockets for your Mobile Phone


Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder

The Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder is a terrific alternative if you want a comfortable way to carry  your smartphone securely in one hand. It is also the MOST MULTIFUNCTIONAL. 

It comes in six different colors and allows you to take photos, send texts, and use your phone in a safe and secure manner. The finger in gripping mechanism minimizes tiredness in your hand, and the adaptable design allows you to use it as a table stand for hands-free phone use.

Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder


Are you looking for a BEST PATTERNS Popsocket alternative to add some extra flare to your smartphone? If that’s the case, the Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Grip is an excellent option. There’s a motif for everyone, from eye catching geometric patterns to vibrant flamingos.

The grip itself is tiny and unobtrusive, making it more pocket-friendly than many other  choices. This grip is great for consumers looking for a nice mix between watching media on a level  surface and shooting convenient selfies because switching between a secure gripping loop and a multi-angle stand is simple.



Using little more than your phone cover to keep it secure, the YAP!band keeps your phone safe  and easy to manipulate. It is MOST TEMPORARY Popsockets.

The genius of this phone holder is that it is held in place by nothing  sticky, thus no sticky residue will be left on your phone or phone case. Furthermore, this phone grip is designed to keep your phone’s small profile by sitting close to it. It’s available in three different hues.


AOLIY Cell Phone Grip

If you have large hands and feel that standard sized finger holes are too constraining, the AOLIY Cell Phone Grip might be worth a try. It is BEST FOR BIG FINGERS. You can customize the size of the space your finger fits in with this smartphone accessory. This not only accommodates a variety of finger sizes, but it also aids in maintaining a firm grip when using your phone. The device comes in five different color variations and comes with reusable 3M Nano absorption tape.

AOLIY Cell Phone Grip

MONET Slim Wallet With Grip

Do you want your phone grip to do more than just hold your phone and let you consume media in comfort? The MONET Slim Wallet With Grip is perfect, and BEST WALLET for this. 

The grip not only protects your phone, but it also has space for two cards, such as credit cards, ID cards, or metro cards. Purple, baby blue, supreme red, and giraffe are just a few of the styles and hues offered. When not in use, the grip also rests flat to avoid catching in your pockets.

MONET Slim Wallet With Grip

Grip2U iPhone Xs Max BOSS

Grip2U provides a variety of phone cases with built-in grips, including the iPhone Xs Max BOSS, which is one of our faves. It is the MOST FEATURES Popsockets. The firm silicone straps give customers a comfortable and secure grip on their phone with their fingers. 

The straps can be swapped out and come in a range of colors. The Max BOSS case also has a kickstand and a card slot that can hold up to two cards. Grip2U  cases are made with military-grade drop protection and are wireless charging compatible.



For more information on Popsockets for your mobile phone, kindly send us a mail via our contact page. Also, check out for best phone grips popsocket alternatives.

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