Phone Stand for your Mobile Phone

Phone Stand for your Mobile Phone

A basic cell phone stand is the ideal answer for reducing the amount of times you pick up your phone without making it tougher to reach. The average American picks up their phone 98 times each day according to a 2019 research performed by the tech support service Asurion.

The best cell phone stands will elevate your phone so that you can wake it up by tapping the  screen or pressing a button. They also prop your phone up to your face, making it simple to see notifications as they arrive to see if they’re crucial.

Finally, if you don’t want to hold your phone in your hand while watching video, you can use a  stand to hold it. Put your phone on the stand instead of looking for a wall or mug to hold it up against while watching YouTube or streaming your favorite show.

An excellent cell phone stand is one of the tiniest and most basic workplace accessories you may have. But you’ll use it for several hours each day. The phone stand in this article are simple. Note that they are not charging stands but they work well and won’t need to be updated every time you upgrade your device.

Before you buy a Mobile Phone Stand, there are few things you should know

There are numerous things to consider while selecting the best cell phone stand for you. The following are the most essential ones that we examined while compiling this list.

i. Compatibility 

Certain types of Mobile phone stands, such as charging stands, are only meant to operate with one type of phone. You’ll be stuck if you switch from iOS to Android or your new phone that has a different connector.

ii. Size

The supports in this tutorial are compatible with any phone, regardless of size, shape, brand, or model. Mobile phone stands that are small enough to fit on a bed side table, workplace desk, or kitchen counter were chosen. 

iii. Ergonomics

All of the stands we recommend can be slanted, making it easier to look down at your phone.  You’ll be gazing at the stand a lot, and craning your neck every time could make your neck sore  by the end of the day.

Lamicall Mobile Phone Stand (Adjustable)

I loved the old version of Lamicall’s Mobile Phone Stand and used it for several years. This new one is significantly more adaptable and comes highly recommended. Although it isn’t the tiniest stand in our guide. This won’t take up much space on your desk at four inches tall and three inches broad. 

This is made of two pieces of aluminum alloy that allows high aesthetic standards  by high end smartphone manufacturers. The stand’s practicality matches its appearance. Two small ledges securely keep your phone in place with a gap in the centre for connecting a charging wire. The back of the stand has a hole in it, allowing you to easily thread the cable from the wall to your phone.

A spinning, stainless steel gear connects the section of the stand that holds your phone in place  to the bass. With this, you can lock into place after you’ve found a suitable angle.  Although this stand isn’t adjustable in height. It does raise your phone approximately an inch off your desk.

Lamicall claims that its phone stand can handle devices up to eight inches long. This implys that it will work with small tablets like the Fire HD 8 or e-readers like the Kindle. This stand has a lot of versatility, a clean design, and a convenient way to charge your device.

 Lamicall Phone Stand

UGREEN Mobile Phone Stand

The Mobile phone stand from UGREEN is the most simple option in our guide, but that’s exactly why we like it. The stand is made up of two hard plastic parts joined by a hinge. When you adjust the back piece which folds out like a kickstand. The front piece includes a curved lip to cradle your device and keep it from toppling over. 

By pressing the silver looking button toward the top of the stand, you may adjust it to any angle between 15 and 100 degrees. It will automatically lock when you let go.

You can fine tune how it’s slanted, but you can’t change the height of the stand. So you’ll have to look down every time you check your phone. 

It’s fine if the phone is a foot or more away from you. But if it’s closer, you can end up  straining your neck by staring down at it at an unnatural angle. I tried one of these stands and appreciated how small it was when folded (3.74 inches tall, 3.35 inches wide, and 0.79 inches deep). 

UGREEN claims that this phone stand can support devices up to 7.9 inches in length. But I’ve successfully used it with a 9.7-inch iPad. I’d be cautious to put my 12.9-inch iPad Pro in it because the added weight could lead it to tip.

If you’re searching for a simple Mobile phone stand without a lot of bells and whistles, UGREEN’s selection is the way to go.

UGREEN Cell Phone Stand


SHAWE Phone Holder 

The Gooseneck Mount from SHAWE is ideal if you require a cell phone stand with a lot of  versatility. It’s made up of three parts

i. A clamp that secures the stand to your desk

ii. A 31-inch arm that can be twisted, spun

iii. A tilted to any angle; and a mount at the end that can accommodate any phone up to 6.5 inches broad.

Its arm is roughly eight times the length of the second largest stand we recommend, but its flexibility may be worth the price. If you’re worried about the stand’s durability, be assured that it’s composed of durable materials like aluminum and magnesium and is designed to be moved around at various angles. 

If you want to use your phone as a second screen for business or make a lot of video calls, this is the stand to get. If you don’t have access to a camera, setting up a stand that allows you to look people in the eyes is preferable to shakily holding your phone in your hands.

SHAWE Phone Holder


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