Android Best Phones Under 15000 in India

Android Best Phones Under 15000 in India it’s affordable to many consumers. Price point is critical for the India smartphone business. Several manufacturers have attempted to capture this market over the years by producing better cameras, faster computers, and longer-lasting batteries.  Manufacturers have saturated the sub Rs. 15,000 pricing brackets with a selection of good…

Landline and fixed telephone services

Landline and Fixed Telephone Services

Landline and fixed telephone services are the traditional means of Voice Communication. This means of Voice Communication are no longer fit for the future as a result of technological innovation. It can be regarded as analogue means of Communication and gradually phasing out. The digital means of communication which is VOIP, an acronym for Voice…

Mobile technology for telephony devices

Mobile Technology for Telephony devices

Mobile Technology for telephony devices explains better on how Mobile phones and smartphones are a common sight in the workplace. Business users value the capacity to make, receive, and reroute calls, as well as receive voicemail. What are the different types of Mobile Technology for Telephony Services? Note that Mobile technology for telephony devices on…

best-selling phones

Infinix Phones on the market

The best-selling Infinix phones on the market are explained in details as you go through the contents. There are many demands for these Infinix phones because of their unique features. Infinix Phones on the market, and their Specifications INFINIX HOT 10 PLAY INFINIX HOT 9 INFINIX HOT 10 LITE INFINIX SMART 5 INFINIX SMART HD…

Best Infinix Phones To Purchase In 2021

Best Infinix Phones To Purchase this year

The Best Infinix Phones to purchase this year are listed below. With the likes of Tecno and iTel, Infinix Mobility is now without a doubt one of the most powerful participants in the smartphone market in Nigeria and throughout Africa. As a result of this, there are a plethora of Infinix phones strewn about the…