Can you have Phones in Prisons?

can you have phones in prisons

Living without a cell phone in recent years appears to be impossible. This brought about the common question, “Can you have phones in prisons?”.

Most of us can’t go a day without texting, checking social media, or asking Google a crucial question like, “What Marvel movies are coming out during Phase 4?”

Life in the Prison

Life revolves around robbing one his or her liberty and isolating one from the outside world when he or she is in prison. They try to make it as difficult for you to communicate with anyone outside the prison walls as possible. So, i’m going to answer the subject of whether or not phones are permitted in prison.

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The following Points are Discussed on “Can You have Phones in Prisons?”

  • Where do inmates hide their cell phones?
  • When are inmates allowed to make phone calls?
  • How much does a phone call to an inmate cost?
  • What happens if you’re caught with a phone in prison?

i. Where do Inmates Hide their Cell Phones?

Inmates’ cell phones are hidden in a variety of places. Though, they are not allowed to have cell phones. This should come as no surprise. Yet, they do find their way into prisons and jails around the country.

One of the most commonly smuggled commodities into jails is cell phones. These are frequently delivered by prison guards or other prison personnel.

When jail staff enters a facility, there are security precautions in place, but the process isn’t nearly as intrusive as it is for visitors. As a result, a member of the jail staff has an easier time getting cell phones inside than a visitor. It’s also incredibly profitable since inmates would spend a lot of money for a phone and a charger up to $1,000 in some cases. 

Phones may be just as profitable as drugs, as shown in episodes of  Orange Is the New Black. Many employees who work in jails aren’t averse to the concept because cell phones aren’t illegal like narcotics.

However, many states and jurisdictions are beginning to enact rules prohibiting the use of technology in correctional  facilities. You could face criminal charges if you are found using any electronic device. But I’ll get back to that in a  moment.

Cell phones can be tossed over the fence by a friend or family member in some prisons, and the inmate just has to set up a time and location to pick it up. 

In terms of hiding cell phones, there are numerous locations within the prison where convicts can do so. That is something you don’t want to have in your cell or room because if it is discovered, the authorities can easily accuse you. 

It’s considerably more difficult to pin it on one inmate if it’s discovered outside of your cell (if they are smart enough to erase their call history and browser history).

Inmates can conceal them in the laundry room, at work, in the recreation yard, and in the bathroom. It must be in a location where you may grab it and utilize it without being seen. If they know they won’t be subjected to a strip search, some inmates may keep it on them.

However, this is perilous because you never know when something like that would occur. You’ll need to be resourceful, but there are many of options for hiding your phone.

ii. When are Inmates Allowed to Make Phone Calls?

During the day, inmates have access to landline pay phones. However, the hours vary depending on the facility.

Except during count times, we could use the phone at any time between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. where I was confined. Meanwhile, the lines were frequently very long, and you may be waiting for hours.

Inmates in administrative segregation (the hole, the SHU) are not  allowed to use phones at all. Maximum security inmates who are locked down for 23 hours a day may only have access to a phone once a week. 

When detainees are allowed to make phone calls is mostly  determined by the facility in which they are housed.

iii. How Much Does a Phone Call to an Inmate Cost?

The expense of inmate phone calls is outrageous, which is why cell  phones are such a major business in jails. 

The calls should only cost a few cents. Corporations like JPay, which control the majority of the jail communication market, charge far more. 

A quick phone call can cost as much as ten dollars, depending on the circumstances. “I would blow the month’s phone money if my wife, child, or close friend were sick,” a former inmate told the Broward Palm Beach New Times.

This is because most jail phones have long lines. JPay has launched tablets that family members and friends can buy for their loved ones who are detained at specific facilities. 

They can now write and receive emails as well as download music,  games, and movies. However, it comes at a high  cost. Although these tablets do not have internet access, some do allow convicts to make phone calls or have video  visits. 

While it’s convenient for inmates to have this new item so they don’t have to wait in a big phone line. It’s also  prohibitively pricey.

JPay has devised a novel method of increasing revenue by allowing numerous prisoners to utilize its products and services at the same time.

iv. What Happens if You’re Caught With a Phone in Prison?

If you’re an inmate and you’re caught using a cell phone, you’ll almost certainly be sent to the pit. It might potentially lead to further charges and an extension of your sentence.

You will lose your job if you are discovered attempting to bring a cell phone into a facility, and you may also face criminal penalties.

Many states and jurisdictions have begun to enact legislation making it unlawful to bring electronic devices into  prisons or jails. So, even if the object is prohibited in and of itself, bringing it into a prison can land you in significant trouble.

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