Can Phone Use Cause Eye Problems?

Can Phone use cause eye problems

With the rising usage of smartphones in our daily lives, many people have begun to wonder,  “Can cell phone use cause eye problems?”. While the impact of mobile devices on the eyes is still being researched, some health problems have already been identified. Find out if you’re at danger of vision damage from cell phone use and what you can do to safeguard your eyes.

Vision Problems Associated with Cell Phone Use

On a daily basis, the average consumer looks at their smartphone 150 times or more. All of that staring from phone use, internet use, and TV watching can contribute to eye strain. An eye health concern known as Computer Vision Syndrome when it occurs in this context.

Excessive phone use is anticipated to cause eye strain in two out of every three Americans. Blurred vision, dry eyes, aching eyes, and headaches are all symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The following are the primary reasons why phone use can induce these symptoms:

Blinking Less Frequently

Blinking helps your eyes redistribute moisture and protects them from drying out. It also act as a natural protection against dust and sunshine. You should blink about 15 times each minute. When you stare at your smartphone, that number drops by half, giving your eyes significantly less time to recover.


While you may not mind reading tiny text on a smartphone screen,  your eyes do.

Squinting at on screen text and videos causes eyestrain and blurred vision by over working the muscles around your eyes, neck, and shoulders.

Excessive Glare

Because our eyes aren’t designed to stare directly at light for lengthy periods of time, the glare from your phone screen can cause eye strain. Using your phone to check your emails or social media in the dark just exacerbates the problem.

What Else Does Cell Phone Use Do to your Eyes? 

Macular Degeneration and Blue Light

According to early research from the University of Toledo, the blue light emitted by mobile  devices may be contributing to an increase in Macular Degeneration cases. When the photoreceptor cells in our eyes die, macular degeneration begins. 

According to a statement from the University of Toledo, blue light from mobile phones activates a substance in our eyes called retina. This causes chemical reactions that damage and kill photoreceptor cells.

However, representatives from the University of Toledo claim that the blue light emitted by our devices may not be strong enough to harm our eyesight severely.

The Sun, which provides significantly more blue light than any other source, is by far the most likely cause of macular degeneration. It’s possible that your smartphone related health issues go beyond eye strain. Spending time on your phone before bed has been shown to impair melatonin synthesis. This makes it more difficult to fall or remain asleep.

Back and neck problems (from leaning over your phone) and repetitive stress injuries in the hands have also increased as a result of cell phone use (and the thumbs in particular).

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How can you Protect your Eyes from the Glare of your Smartphone Screen?

Smartphones are indispensable in our lives, and many people  consider the health hazards to be well worth it.

However, taking the appropriate actions now can dramatically lower the likelihood of future smartphone vision difficulties.

Consider taking these simple steps to lower your risk of smartphone related eye injury if you’re not already doing so:

Dim the Light

Chances are, your smartphone’s brightness is set much higher than it needs to be. Reducing screen glare makes phone use more comfortable for your eyes and can also help you save battery life. Simply go into the settings on your phone and lower the brightness to a more comfortable level.

Change the Font Size

If you have to squint to read on your phone, try changing the default font size to make the      on-screen text larger and easier to see.    

Remember to Blink

It may sound unusual, but remembering to blink when using your smartphone can help to lessen the amount of strain on your eyes. Blinking more frequently helps your eyes retain moisture, repel irritants, and stay refreshed throughout the day.

Take Breaks

This is the most critical piece of advice we can give. It’s also the most difficult to follow. Taking breaks from your smartphone can minimize the amount of pressure on your eyes  significantly. Spend at least 20 seconds gazing away from your smartphone for every 20 minutes spent on it.

Make an effort to stare at someplace in the distance for the entire 20 seconds (20 feet away or more).

How Can You Help to Protect Your Vision?

In brief, cell phone use can cause eye problems. If you’re having vision problems (whether or not they’re caused by cell phone use), your best bet is to visit any Eye Center closer to you.

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