Best Phone for Hearing Problems

best phone for hearing problems

The best phone for hearing problems is design for people with hearing impairment. If you or a loved one suffers from hearing problems, you know how difficult it is to communicate across long distances. Keeping in touch with a family member may be a real pain. 

You may be concerned for their safety, and they may begin to avoid social situations altogether. This is as a result of these ongoing annoyances. The best phone for hearing problems is made specifically for those with hearing loss. It can alleviate the stress of ambiguous communication and ensure that your loved one is no longer isolated.

Some are sought after for their ability to work with hearing aid amplifiers, while others are renowned for their ease of use. This article will walk you through the process of deciding between these two types of handsets. Also, provides you with some useful suggestions along the way. With this, you can make the best selection for your family member.

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How Do They Function?

You can only turn up the volume on your phone to a certain point. You’ll need an amplifier if the maximum setting still leaves a lot to be desired for your relative. These function by raising the sound level by 10 to 80 dB and boosting key frequencies to make it easier to discriminate between words that sound similar.

Many gadgets nowadays include a dial that allows you to adjust the volume to your preferences. There are other phones that are built expressly for use with amplifiers rather than all phones. And they include a number of unique characteristics. 

Built-in microphones that turn off automatically if the phone is left on the ear. Also, a loudspeaker for individuals who have trouble holding the phone are among these features. Furthermore, these handsets come with a variety of alarm alternatives in case you need to call for assistance.

What Are The Many Sorts Available on the Market?                         

It is not necessary for a hearing impaired telephone to have sound amplification. There are a variety of other ways to improve call quality and hearing. Noise reduction is one such option. It employs a specialized technology to filter or block out background noise to improve communication clarity.

You can also pick between handsets that vibrate or produce a flash of light as an alarm. Although they are more inconspicuous and may be engaged by a separate button. Others argue that they are less effective than well-placed vibration.

The best phone for hearing problems If your relative has hearing loss is phone with both amplification and noise reduction. This method has the advantage of allowing you to tailor the phone to your loved one’s hearing needs by adjusting the various settings on the device.

There are numerous varieties of amplifiers. It includes portable units (that may be used with landline phones), phone line devices (that connect the base and handset to increase loudness), and dedicated amplifier telephones. The latter enables volume control as well as a significant boost in decibels.

What should you look for in a best Phone for  Hearing Problems?

It can be difficult to get the proper phone for your loved one. You must ensure that they are familiar with it and find it simple to use. But you must not force them to use it. The stage of your hearing problems should be the deciding factor in the sort of phone you buy. 

Do you have a family member who only misses a few words when you speak to them? Or do you have to raise your voice constantly in order for them to hear you? 

The best Phone for hearing problems with boosted sound or noise reduction are a good choice for people who have mild to moderate hearing loss. A captioned telephone, on the other hand, can be a better option if they have completely lost their hearing.

Is it better to get a Corded or Cordless Phone?

The answer to this question is dependent on your individual requirements. 

Is mobility a top priority for you? A cordless phone would be a preferable choice in that case. 

Is visibility and usability a big concern? For example, some customers claim that the receptiveness of newer cordless devices is poorer. 

However, they compensate for this by allowing you to walk around while conversing. You could discover that a corded unit with a speaker phone and boosted sound is the perfect fit for your family.

The Best Phone for Hearing Problems

When shopping for a phone, be sure it is compatible with hearing aids, has sound amplification, a noise reduction system, or both.  The handset volume can be adjusted to a maximum of 100dB in most cases. Check the ring volume and other call alerts as well.

If you’re willing to compromise on budget, you can discover a product with extra features (such as speed dial, quiet or eco mode, answering machine, or redial memory). It will make it easier and more convenient for your loved one to use.

Lists of the best Phone for Hearing Problems 

i. Hamilton CapTel Captioned Telephone (Hamilton CapTel)

This phone is specifically developed for persons who have hearing loss or deafness. It provides real-time captions that display what the other person on the line is saying. Thanks to innovative technology and volume control. When your loved one is on the phone, a second individual is linked to their call and types everything for them.

However, keep in mind that the quality and accuracy of the communication may vary. This is because the call will be linked to a new person each time (with different speed and acuity). 

Furthermore, if the callers are speaking in a foreign language, accurate translation may not be available (the service accommodates only English and Spanish speakers).

Despite its flaws, Hamilton CapTel is an excellent answer to a prevalent problem among seniors. It has an answering machine and a speakerphone, and it may be used with Bluetooth headphones or other Bluetooth devices. 

In addition, the tone voice can be changed, and the captions can be turned off at any time. In terms of personalization, you have a lot of options: you can pick different colors, fonts, and play about with the settings. 

A photo and caller light can be added to each contact. Unless you delete the captions, your chats will be kept and available to your loved one if they require them at a later time. Users claim that this brand provides excellent customer service.

It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the employees are patient, friendly, and attentive in their work.


  • automatic on-screen captions for all calls
  • great customization: tone voice, images, contacts, settings
  • captions are saved for later usage
  • prompt and courteous customer service (can be easily accessed with one screen touch)
  • Bluetooth compatibility


  • Utilizes a touch-screen interface (may not be the best choice if your relative is not very tech-savvy)
  • This course is only for Spanish and English speakers.
  • Installation and updating may take longer (responsiveness depends on internet speed)
  • To work as advertised, high-speed internet connectivity and telephone service are required.
  • Some settings may be lost if the device is unplugged or if there is a power outage.

ii. A 40dB Amplification Hamilton CapTel Telephone

Hamilton CapTel with 40dB Amplification uses the same caption technology as the previous model, but adds a few features. It provides an amplification boost. It allows your relative to easily hear the other person on the phone.

The volume is adjustable and may be turned up to 40 decibels louder than a conventional phone. This ensures that the frequency levels are always optimal and that your loved one understands you without having to think about it.

Another unique characteristic of this concept is that the captions are created by an automated system rather than by a human. Remote computers are used in the process. These are capable of accurately translating speech to text. 

As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about someone listening on your talks. This also means that your family member will no longer need to use the captioning service to make a call; the text will appear automatically on both outgoing and incoming calls. 

This item features an answering machine that generates captions for audio messages that your loved one can read later. In addition to a speakerphone with improved volume. 

It also offers more storage space, allowing you to store up to 95 contacts or phone numbers (with caller identification). The graphical interface is extremely handy, with huge buttons, a tablet-sized clear screen, legible fonts and vivid colors.

Using the speed dial technology, your loved one can reach customer service, as well as preferred or often used numbers, with just one touch. In addition, this type is more practical. It has screen tilts that may be flattened (if the phone is to be hung on the wall) or lifted to make reading more comfortable.


  • All calls are captioned automatically.
  • Enhanced memory: no data or contact lists are lost after power outage.
  • Easy-to use touch screen and dialing pad
  • Stores a big number of contacts and includes caller ID
  • Stores a large number of contacts and includes caller ID
  • All talks are saved: access caller history to read transcriptions
  • Volume control can be adjusted
  • Cord can be replaced if it’s not long


  • To work, you’ll need a router or modem and high-speed internet connectivity.
  • the model is pretty large (17 inches long), therefore it will take up a lot of table space.

iii. Amplified Single Line Corded Desk Telephone by Home Intuition

For elders with hearing loss, the Home Intuition Amplified Telephone is a low cost, simple, and dependable choice. This item should be on your shopping list if you value convenience above everything else.

It blends an utilitarian design with enhanced sound to ensure that your loved one can stay in touch with you at all times. The number buttons are especially large. It makes them apparent to people with weak vision. 

Near-sighted elders say the phone is simple to use and that dialing is not a problem. The bell ringer is powerful, and the cable is 9 feet long. This allows for significantly more movement than a traditional device. 

However, this device lacks a speakerphone. It may be a requirement for some  consumers. The telephone from Home Intuition is composed with high quality materials that will last a long time. 

Nonetheless, the company offers exceptional protection in the form of a 5 year warranty that allows you to get your money back if you are unhappy with the goods. A handset that allows you to adjust the volume during a phone call, as well as a wall mount, are included in the whole package. 

Finally, there is a one-button emergency 911 dial that can be accessed. Other numbers can be added to speed dial. But each contact must be programmed into the device and given a number.


  • classic style, simple to use
  • enhanced sound, adjustable volume control, and bell ringer
  • large number buttons, visible to near-blind seniors
  • speed dial option
  • greater durability
  • Extra-long chord allows for greater mobility during calls


  • The 911 speed dial button might be larger to avoid accidental use if it is too light (however,  this option can be turned off)
  • there is a mute button directly on the phone’s handle – it can be mistakenly hit and may be unpleasant for senior users
  • the memory buttons are small and not as prominent as the rest

iv. Amplified Landline Telephone by Clear Sounds

For elders who suffer from hearing loss or poor vision, Clear Sounds Telephone ensures better call  quality and louder, clearer sound. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use, with large buttons that are visible to elders with vision problems. 

You may feel guaranteed that your relative will never miss another call from you. The ring bell is extremely loud, reaching up to 85 decibels. This volume can be adjusted to a higher or lower level, as well as turned off entirely at night.

With each call, a brilliant flashing light illuminates the area. Clear Sounds Amplified Telephone offers a completely adjustable tone control and a few customizing options in addition to being hearing aid compatible. There’s also a speed dial option. 

It consists of eight buttons on the base device that may be used to dial eight separate contacts with a single push. The number frames have a photo memory feature and may be customized by cutting out images of your loved ones and placing them on each speed dial button. 

One thing to keep in mind regarding this product is that it just has one line. This has both advantages and disadvantages. You should consider this before making your purchase.

A landline, for example, provides a more reliable and steady connection. But it also increases the chance of being hijacked or having service disruption. If you are concerned about the safety of a loved one, this type of phone is a good purchase.

Landlines give permanent locations, making it easier for emergency personnel to reach your relative in a timely manner in the event of a crisis. They also have better reception and can function even when the power is out (as long as you have handset with a cord that is charged).


  • single line phone: has superior reception and is useful for emergencies
  • contacts are saved if the device is unplugged or during a power outage 
  • comes with 1-year warranty
  • features speakerphone and big buttons for increased mobility and visibility
  • offers personalized speed dial options, up to 8 contacts.
  • Can be hung on the wall or placed on a table


  • no caller identification
  • increased service fees due to landline connection 
  • you can’t switch to speakerphone after you’ve already picked up the handle; attempting to do so would disconnect your call

v. Panasonic Digital Answering Machine with Amplified Cordless Phone

This model is more expensive than similar models on the market, but it gives better sound and amplification. Panasonic Cordless Phone’s up to 50 dB boost for all calls will let your loved one hear and understand you clearly during your chats.

It also makes use of an unique noise reduction  mechanism to ensure that calls are crystal clear. It features 15 ringtone options and a volume boost control with six different speech tone settings, making it incredibly configurable. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and a lighted LCD.

For greater visibility, the number and memory buttons are large. An intercom, handset, and talking  keypad are all included with the device. All of these features make the phone simple to use and one of the most useful tools for seniors with hearing problems.

Panasonic’s item features a ringer with an extra low volume (up to 112 dB) and a bright red LED light for call notification. There’s also a loudspeaker feature and caller identification. Furthermore, your loved one has the ability to ban incoming calls from specific numbers (up to 250).

This variant is far more useful in an emergency than ordinary models because it includes an energy backup that may be used in the event of a power loss. There are two powerful batteries packed into the device, each of which lasts for three hours of  continuous use. 

Incoming calls are indicated by a bright light flashing on both the base unit and the handset. There’ seven a visual and auditory alert that lets your loved one know who’s calling (in English or Spanish).

Panasonic’s Cordless Phone also has a slow talk option, which is a unique feature. With a single  button press, this command automatically slows down the speech in real time. The latter is conveniently located on the main unit as well as the handset. For voice messaging, slow talk is also available. 

Finally, the model is Bluetooth enabled and can pair with one other headset. The base device can register and use up to six handsets.


  • 50 dB amplification, volume control, and noise reduction
  • incorporates speakerphone, answering machine, and digital talking  keypad
  • effective incoming call alarm system
  • unique slow talk feature for increased speech clarity
  • extra batteries for power backup


  • The base is not compatible with older Panasonic handsets, and those that are compatible with this model are extremely costly.
  • the design and controls are fairly complex, which may be perplexing to seniors who are not familiar with technology;
  • it cannot be mounted on the wall; and
  • it is more expensive.
  • the headset is heavier than ordinary models;
  • the headset’s battery life could be better

vi. Amplified Single Line Corded Desk Telephone by Home Intuition

It is a more conservative option if your loved one isn’t keen on new technology or isn’t very good at it, and just wants a simple and functional phone.

This Home Intuition model, which works in combination with landline service. It provides more simplicity, comfort, and security than many of its modern competitors. It’s also one of the most affordable and long-lasting products on the market.

It lacks some of the flashier features found in recent models, but it makes up for it in comfort and ease of use. The Home Intuition Corded Desk Telephone prioritizes functionality and is hearing aid compatible, with a classic style. This means it has internal mechanisms (without the need for external input) for appropriate use by people with hearing problems.

The phone also comes with a 9 foot long chord and a ringing that sounds like a double gong. The handset button can be used to adjust the volume level (this item is also ADA volume control compliant). 

There’s also a switch on the bottom that you can use to entirely turn off the ringer so it doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night. It also has the look and feel of a true 1970s phone, with a study base that won’t topple over if the cable is extended.


  • traditional, functional, and dependable design
  • appropriate for seniors who appreciate simplicity over new technology
  • compatible with hearing aids
  • handy as a backup during a power failure
  • includes caller ID and an answering machine
  • much easier to set up than other telephones: simply plug in the phone line (no complicated assembly or updates required);
  • low-cost and long-lasting


  • no loudspeaker option
  • can’t be put on the wall
  • the numbers on the buttons are small and may be difficult to detect for elders
  • landline (no mobility)
  • no fast dial option

vii. Panasonic KX-TG6592T Cordless Phone with 2 Handsets

This Panasonic device has improved speech quality, strong security, and low power consumption. Thanks to groundbreaking DECT 6.0 Plus technology.

It gives a boost in error correction frequency of up to 8 times that of normal DEC. It also has a high quality speakerphone with better clarity and an easy-to-use mute microphone option. 

You may save time by swiftly switching between voice messages instead of waiting for each one to finish. Thanks to the easy and intuitive UI

The handset ringers have eight melodies to choose from, and the volume control has six settings as well as an off option to prevent any disruptions when sleeping. This cordless phone has caller ID and is hearing aid compatible, as well as an all-digital answering machine. 

The computerized answering machine on the phone can store voice messages for up to 40 minutes. Through the special remote playback option, these can also be accessed from an external phone. The item may be expanded to hold up to 6 handsets, allowing you to have a phone in each room for increased security and convenience.

If you value convenience above all else, this Panasonic Cordless Phone is an excellent choice for the best phone for hearing problems.  The model was created with various features in mind that make it easier to operate and more accessible to seniors. 

It boasts a large LCD screen with large buttons and an enlarged, illuminated keypad, as well as visual call notification and clear charging and signal indications. It’s also wall-mountable, inexpensive, and comes with a key lock to prevent dialing by accident. 

For seniors with poor vision, the latter is extremely beneficial. It also has a redial memory that remembers up to 20 numbers from your call history, as well as an alarm clock displaying date and time.


  • DECT 6.0 Plus technology for improved clarity and security
  • simple to use interface
  • all-digital answering machine (records up to 40 minutes in length)
  • call log entries include 50 slots
  • phonebook capacity of up to 100 contacts
  • incoming call blocking (blocks up to 30 numbers)
  • an eco mode that cuts power consumption by 77% (if the phone is not being used)
  • a larger backlit screen and display with several language options
  • charge time is short: only 7 hours


  • After each call, the volume boost is reset to the lowest setting.
  • instruction manual is tough to comprehend and set up can be time consuming (especially if you want to use all or most of the phone’s functions)
  • additional handsets must be purchased separately (and are not compatible with older Panasonic handsets)

viii. AT&T Expandable Cordless Phone with Handsets

This AT&T cordless phone is one of the most popular versions available. Thanks to its exceptional call quality and speakerphone capabilities. The sound quality is comparable to that of a corded phone, and the range is enough (it works smoothly even 40 feet away from the base unit). 

The device is useful for seniors who have weak eyesight in addition to being hearing aid compatible. The cordless handset has an LCD with black lettering on a white background and has an extra-large display. This is because the contrast makes it simpler to recognize numbers and names. Your loved one will be able to call you without difficulty.

Furthermore, the phone features huge buttons and font with expanded backlit keys, as well as a handy LED keypad that makes dialing easy at night. A full duplex speakerphone is the major feature that distinguishes this device. Unlike traditional speakerphones, which must silence the speaker when the microphone is activated. This speakerphone allows you and the caller to converse simultaneously. 

Both participants can enjoy natural-sounding, free flowing talks free of interruptions and echo effects. Higher call clarity is also guaranteed. Thanks to DECT 6.0 technology and hearing aid compatibility.

There’s also a speed dial option that remembers up to 9 digits, as well as sophisticated technology that provides optimal battery life and low power consumption. This model has a severe flaw: some users complain that the battery pack only lasts a short period. 

This indicates that if your family member has long phone talks, it is not a good choice. A remedy to this would be to replace the battery pack with a larger capacity one. On the other hand, the digital answering machine can record up to 14 minutes of incoming messages and includes an instant playback option.

You can repeat or skip through messages on both the handset and the base unit. You can either keep them for later use or delete them completely. Caller ID and call history are available on the phone, with the handset displaying not just the caller’s number and name. Also, the time and date of each incoming call.


  • full-duplex speakerphone and DECT 6.0 technology
  • highly visible display and accessible menu
  • expandable to 5 handsets using only one jack
  • voice messages may be retrieved from any location by phoning home
  • offers a silent mode for night time
  • up to 50 contacts can be stored in the phonebook;
  • eco mode and caller ID are included


  • no Bluetooth compatibility
  • no additional handsets can be added to the system
  • battery life is limited (up to 3 days if the phone is not in use)
  • internal clock must be reset in the event of a power outage
  • no custom ringtones can be set for different callers
  • base units are made of plastic, lightweight, and easily knocked over 

ix. Panasonic Amplified Cordless Phone with Enhanced Noise Reduction

This single-line product has a clear, user-friendly design. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as newer ones, but it does provide a reliable and secure connection as well as outstanding sound quality. The easy to use cordless phone has enhanced transmission quality by a factor of two.

It also has a DECT 6.0 system for improved security and enhanced error correction frequency (up to 80 times more than standard models). It is a dependable solution because it employs innovative noise reduction technologies.

The latter totally eliminates background noise while also enhancing your voice for sharp, clear conversation. This Panasonic model is useful for seniors with vision impairment in addition to sound amplification and noise reduction. It boasts a 1.8 inch illuminated display and large keys that make dialing easier even if your loved one has poor vision.

It also has texting talk alerts. This means that if an incoming call comes in to your linked smartphone or mobile phone, the handset will alert you and say the name and number using an advanced text-to-speech capability.

The talking caller ID lets you know who is contacting you and has a loud enough level that you can hear it from across the room. There are a few drawbacks to this device  because it is a landline phone. 

However, the device does include a call blocking feature that can be utilized to prevent telemarketers from contacting you. A key detector that your loved one can attach to their automobile key ring is included in the whole kit.

The handset of the phone will sound a beeping alarm to detect objects within a 200-yard radius, assisting them in finding missing items.


  • DECT 6.0 technology for added security, call quality, and range
  • increased noise reduction and talking caller ID
  • smartphone has built-in jack for headset use
  • robust backup battery for use during power outages
  • inexpensive cost Pros:
  • intelligent design for lower power consumption and longer battery life


  • the caller ID system do not show all calls but only missed calls
  • the power cord is short (only 5 feet); and
  • some customers say the menu is difficult to navigate and may be confusing to elders.
  • There isn’t a mute switch (you have to go through the menu to turn off the ring sound)
  • It’s possible that the instruction manual might be enhanced (set up section is unclear and may be hard to follow)

x. VTech Expandable Cordless Phone with Handsets

If you’re looking for a cordless phone with a lot of features, this VTech model is a good choice. Despite the fact that it lacks several features seen in other models, the item provides a high quality alternative at a reasonable price.

It comes with a full duplex speakerphone that lets both callers chat at the same time without being interrupted. It is Energy Star Certified, which means that the product fulfills stringent energy efficiency standards defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

In other words, the phone is assured to deliver outstanding  performance while consuming minimal power. VTech’s revolutionary interference-free units include it as well. This means that using the phone does not disrupt other devices or networks while yet providing excellent call clarity. 

There will be no buzzing, static, or weird noises to disrupt the conversation even if the room is packed with devices. The phone has a long range and offers excellent coverage without interfering with your Wi-Fi connection. 

It includes larger buttons that light up when the receiver is picked up, which improves visibility. There’s also a silent mode (available on both the base unit and the handset) that cuts off all ringing sounds to keep your loved one from waking up in the middle of the night. There’s also a flash button, an intercom, and a mute option. 

Your family member can recover the last 10 numbers that have made contact using redial memory. The handset also shows the name, number, date, and time of each incoming call for added convenience.

However, there is no audio notification. VTech’s product is both inexpensive and adaptableIt is the most affordable best phone for hearing problems on the market, with a variety of ringtones to pick from. 

The device is quite pleasant to handle and has an easy-to-use interface. On the other hand, any additional handset must be programmed to the base unit before being used. Up to 9 numbers can be rapidly dialed on the phone. 

However, in order to use the function, you must press and hold the assigned button for around 5 to 6 seconds. This is inconvenient and time consuming. Picking up the handset from the base unit does not answer the call, which is another downside. 

You’ll still have to press the chat button, which can get annoying after a while. The menu is also said to be complex and difficult to navigate by some users. For example, you can save phone numbers, but retrieving one requires roughly 7 steps.

This means that many of the characteristics of this paradigm are poorly implemented. Nonetheless,  if you want a durable phone with clear sound and basic capabilities at a low price, this is the most cost-effective alternative.


  • DECT 6.0 technology for improved voice quality and range
  • volume control and quiet mode
  • expandable to 5 phones
  • does not interfere with WiFi or other devices
  • phonebook capacity of up to 50 contacts
  • wall-mountable and cost-effective
  • incorporates eco mode for reduced power consumption


  • Poor or no visual notification for incoming calls
  • the eco mode significantly slows down the display
  • certain features are inconvenient and poorly implemented 
  • can’t use the phone speaker while the handset is in the cradle
  • smaller display with less lighting that quickly extinguishes
  • no answering machine
  • no headset jack

xi. VTech VS112-47 Bluetooth 4 Handset Cordless Phone (DECT 6.0)

With its response system, caller ID, and intercom, this VTech cordless phone is one of the best phone for hearing problems. It also features a visual ringer, so you can see when you’re getting a call without picking up the phone.

You may also use it to block up to five numbers on your phone if they’re irritating you. The VTech VS112-47 incorporates Bluetooth technology. It allows you to take calls from anywhere. The backlit display is bright and clear, making it simple to read.

The handset also has a built-in push-to-speak button. So, you don’t have to lift it to chat (as long as you have a Bluetooth compatible phone). It’s available in silver and white, so you can match it to your existing decor.

The VTech VS112-47 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive and feature-rich cordless best phone for hearing problems. It’s a wise investment because the technology will still be helpful in the future.


  • Technology for the hearing problems
  • Bluetooth connectivity for telephones and cell phones
  • Use the cell’s functionality (for blocking unwanted callers)
  • Conference bridge for many lines on a single line phone number
  • Visual ringer on the base unit so you know when you get a ring without picking up the  handset (most phones only allow one line per number)


  • This is not a corded phone; it is a cordless phone. This makes it quite convenient to carry from room to room, although it does necessitate charging.
  • This model comes in a variety of variations. You should make sure you get the VS112-47 model. It features the most up-to-date technologies 

In conclusion, this VTech cordless phone provides a lot of fantastic features for those who want modern technology that will last a long time. It’s also great for people who have impairments or have trouble using phones due to arthritis or range of motion limitations in their hands or arms.

xii. Hamilton CapTel HT758000300 2400i Captioned Telephone

The Hamilton CapTel 2400i is a great choice if you need best phone for hearing problems conversations and text input. This captioned phone features large buttons, a backlit display that is easy to read, Caller ID, a built-in personal directory, and much more.

Also, the Hamilton CapTel 2400i can play video clips from your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi! The Hamilton CapTel 2400i has large, easy-to-use buttons that make it simple to dial the phone numbers you need. The CapTel also boasts a lighted display that makes reading text messages and caller ID information much more convenient. 

This device also has an integrated answering machine that can record up to 30 minutes of message time! The Hamilton CapTel 2400i may be plugged into any conventional phone socket and requires a phone line as well as high-speed Internet connectivity, either wired or wireless.

This gadget can access your computer’s personal telephone directory. It displays all of your contacts in photo format. 

A brief peek at the contact photo is all it takes to dial a phone number. The Hamilton CapTel 2400i can vary its volume up to 40 decibels depending on how loud you wish to be when speaking. This will allow you to hear ambient noises while still being able to easily hear your caller.

For use in the United States only, the Hamilton CapTel 2400i requires a phone line and high-speed Internet, either wired or wireless. In North America, there is no monthly membership fee for using the device.

For more enquiries regarding to the best phone for hearing problems, kindly send us a mail via our contact page.

Also, check out types of hearing impairment.

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