Best Bluetooth Earphones in 2021

Best Bluetooth Earphones

The Best Bluetooth Earphones that serve different purposes are extensively analyze in these contents. We have different Bluetooth Earphones that is best for iPhones, voice calls, long battery life span, sound quality, and comfort.

Recommended Bluetooth Earphones for those purpose

  1. Apple Airpods pro
  2. Apple Airpods
  3. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
  4. Sennheiser Momentum True wireless 2
  5. UE FITS.

However, there are other unique features all these Bluetooth Earphones have which are clearly stated as you go through the contents. We can as well check out the best wireless earbuds for multitasking and working out, and Noise Cancellation.


Apple Airpods Pro is a fantastic Bluetooth Earphones for Iphones. There’s no beating the interplay between AirPods and Apple’s other devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The AirPods Pro don’t have the finest sound quality of our top recommendations. But for many individuals, it’s plenty, and it competes with Bose in terms of active noise cancelling. But if you’re part of Apple’s ecosystem and have a Mac or iPad, it all comes together.

The AirPods Pro can instantly switch between devices depending on which one you’re using. When watching streaming video apps on an iPhone or iPad, spatial audio provides immersive surround sound. They’re great for making phone calls, and Apple continues to outperform competitors in terms of ease of use.

The AirPods Pro have a design that is like the original AirPods, but with a wider front to accommodate silicone tips for comfort, fit, and noise cancellation. Three sizes of tips are available to accommodate different ear sizes.

Despite rumors that the AirPods Pro would be available in a variety of colors, Apple is only offering them in white, just like the original AirPods.

Active Noise Cancellation is a key feature of the AirPods 2. It uses two microphones (one outward facing and one inward facing) and advanced software to adapt to each ear for a “uniquely customized, superior noise-canceling experience,” according to Apple.

Users can also listen to music while Active Noise Cancellation is turned on, thanks to a built-in Transparency mode that can be toggled on. Users can listen to music with Active Noise Cancellation turned on while still hearing the ambient environment around them.

Thanks to a built-in Transparency mode that can be toggled on. There is a new vent system within the AirPods Pro that Apple claims minimizes the discomfort associated with other in-ear designs. This is for a better fit and more comfortable wearing experience.

Apple Airpods are expensive and offer just 4.5 hours of battery life. But Apple’s AirPods Pro is easily the Best Bluetooth Earphones for anyone using Apple hardware, whether it’s a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. The company’s H1 chip allows for near-instant pairing.

Active noise canceling removes unwanted background noise, and silicone ear tips a first for Air Pods make them comfortable. Unlike the regular AirPods, the AirPods Pro boast an IPX4 rating, which means you won’t have to worry about ruining them when you’re breaking a sweat. The included carrying case recharges wirelessly too.

The followings are the summarized features of Apple Airpods Pro

i.  Best for Iphones

ii. Very expensive

iii. 4.5 hours for battery life

iv. Active noise cancelling

v. IPX4 rating water resistance

Apple Airpods pro


The finest Best Bluetooth Earphones for making voice calls is Apple Airpods. Apple’s open-style AirPods remain the best option if you frequently make calls while wearing your earphones. This is because of their long stems and good microphones.

Whether you are talking to friends on the phone or co-workers on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, they are a consistent performer. When used with Apple devices, the AirPods deliver a flawless, near-instant pairing procedure. And other features like audio sharing, spatial audio, and private listening if you have an Apple TV.

The open-style design of Apple’s AirPods allows you to be aware of your surroundings while listening to music. When it comes to making calls, they are the Best Bluetooth Earphones among others.

The bass is a little lacking, and the AirPods let in a lot of outside noise because of their design. But some people prefer having that awareness, even if it means cranking up the volume at times.

Summarized features of Apple Airpods

i. Best for making voice call

ii. Good microphones

iii. Near instance pairing procedure

iv. Audio sharing

v. Spatial audio

vi. Private listening

Apple Airpods


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus has the Best Bluetooth Earphones for battery life. On a single charge, they can last up to 11 hours. That’s what I consider marathon battery life for truly wireless earbuds, and few firms have been able to match Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus’s endurance.

They play for longer duration because they don’t have active noise cancellation, but 11 hours is still a considerable time. These, like the Jabras, are frequently on sale and easy to obtain at a reduced price. If you have an Android phone, especially a Samsung phone, they’re a good AirPods substitute.

Check out the best affordable headset.

However, the improved sound quality comes at a cost of $300. These are, without a doubt, the best sounding true wireless earbuds on the market. However, all the other choices sound excellent.

The Galaxy Buds Pro are completely redesigned. They resemble a hybrid of the Galaxy Buds Plus and the Galaxy Buds Live, and while the earbuds differ from the Buds Live, the charging case is nearly identical. It’s small and tiny, resembling a ring box, and it supports USB-C and wireless charging.

The Buds Pro are available in three colors: phantom black, silver, and violet. They’re entirely waterproof, with an IPX7 rating, which is the highest for a pair of Samsung earbuds to date. (IPX indicates they can be totally submerged for 30 minutes in 3 feet of water).

I received the black version, and the buds were comfortable in my ears, and I was able to run with them without difficulty. However, the Buds Plus was a touch too big for me.

Features of Samsung Buds Pro which are the Best Bluetooth Earphones for battery life

i. Best battery Life

ii. Waterproof with IPX7 rating

iii. No active noise cancellation

Best Bluetooth Earphones


The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is the Best Bluetooth Earphones in terms of sound quality. Sennheiser’s second attempt at truly Bluetooth Earphones adds active noise cancellation and a more comfortable fit to the original Momentums.

The sound quality of the Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds, on the other hand, takes precedence: the earbuds generate forceful, expressive, and excellent sound. They’re the kind of buds that bring out subtleties in your favorite tunes that you might have missed before.

The Momentum True Wireless 2 aren’t cheap, but they’re better in every way than the originals. It’s slightly smaller, more comfortable design, active noise cancellation that rivals the AirPods Pro, longer battery life (up to seven hours versus the original’s four).

It has a better noise cancellation during calls. If you don’t like these Bluetooth e-readers, you can return them. Most crucially, the Momentum True Wireless 2 have the same fantastic sound for true wireless earbuds.

At least the AirPods Pro, providing clearly superior sound quality. These employ Bluetooth 5.1 with AAC and aptX codec compatibility (for devices that support aptX, like as Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones).

Summarized features of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 

i. Best in terms of sound quality.

ii. Active noise cancellation

iii. Good comfort to the ear.

iv. Water resistance with IPX4

Best Bluetooth Earphones in 2021


The Best Bluetooth Earphones for comfort is the UE FITS. It doesn’t get much better than the UE Fits if you have trouble finding ear tips that fit your ears comfortably. These earphones come with unique tips that conform to the shape of your ear during a 60-second fitting process that you may start using the UE app.

During the molding process, they become warm (but not uncomfortable) and you can feel them conforming to the curves of your ear canal.

Once the procedure is complete, you’ll have personalized earphones with a fit that’s as near to perfect as you’ll ever find unless you go to an audiologist for a professional mold, which can be costly. If your initial molding attempt fails, Ultimate Ears offers a fit “guarantee” and will send you a second set of tips.

The UE Fits are decent, lasting up to eight hours of continuous playback and being water resistant to IPX4. The UE Fits come with custom ear tips that mold to the shape of your ears permanently in just 60 seconds. This results in a far more comfortable fit that you can wear for hours.

Features of UE FITS Earphones

i. Best Comfort to the ear

ii. Battery last up to Eight Hours

iii. Water resistance to IPX4

Best Bluetooth Earphones in 2021


The detailed explanation of the best wireless earphones for Iphones, voice calls, battery life, sound quality, and comfort can aid you in making the right choice in the market. However, we recommend Apple Airpods pro, Apple Airpods, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, and UE FITS for this purpose.

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